Sourcing means that we recruit external professionals for you, screen them and introduce them to you. This gives you all the benefits, but none of the burdens involved in the hiring of professionals. OneStopSourcing can, through its extended network, find you the freelancers, payrollers and other professionals that you need. Make and submit your vacancy on our own system External Staffing Desk®, after which it will automatically be placed on Pitchbay and we’ll get to work on finding the ideal professional for your organisation.


We offer optimal transparency to our clients and professionals, by making use of a fully transparent platform where supply and demand come together. We apply fixed surcharges instead of a percentage, always giving you, the client, full insight into the costs involved.


OneStopSourcing works for a 100% with external professionals. This guarantees that you, as client, always get access to the optimal resources, rather than ëwhoever is availableí. We nurture our own pool of professionals and attract professionals from selected partner agencies. To guarantee the quality and integrity of our professionals, OneStopSourcing always performs a screening, which includes:

  • Certificate of good character (VOG)
  • Copy of ID
  • Payment conduct statement issued by the tax authorities
  • VAR (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status)

This ensures that we minimise the risks both for you and for the professional.


  • Transparant
  • Compliant
  • Private pool of professionals
  • Independent